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 LarvaMortis, at your service.

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PostSubject: LarvaMortis, at your service.   8th July 2013, 08:38

-=UP* Community, let me introduce myself.

I am LarvaMortis, one of the last apprentices of the legendary {S.o.W}DeathMask, and, so far, the greatest one (his words alien ).

I began playing UT2003 just 2 years ago, with my brother and cousin. I was an old friend of DeathMask and I wasn't, at the beginning, a great fan of UT (I was a Quake player), but somehow DeathMask persuaded me into trying a UT series game, and DeathMask left me no choice but to be owned like a pig.

A short time later, I immediately learned the basis of UT2003 and became a little famous inside SonsOfWar's server.

Some time later, when DeathMask retired from UT2003 cups, I decided to follow him and to learn, in private, all his secrets (just like ThirtyEight and S\\'347'/).

When I officially became his apprentice was on early 2012 and I remember all those days spent on a LAN server with him and my cousins.

At the end of the year, DeathMask organized a 1-on-1 between me and ThirtyEight to determine who was the best apprentice (S\\'347'/ was excluded as he was already a SonsOfWar member), and I won 50-47.

That day, I (MonkeyFlip) became LarvaMortis and Luca (luk3-m4tt) became ThirtyEight.

Soon after I moved to UT99 in order to build up my own clan or to join another, ThirtyEight moved here as well and found -=UP*. I met DeathMask again and I was offered a place in {S.o.W}.

As ThirtyEight did, I'll tell the origin of the name "LarvaMortis", right after I'll tell that every single nickname DeathMask took had a mening.

LarvaMortis is the face of the Death's god, Thanatos, which kills everything its stare is at. He chose this name because he felt the LarvaMortis stared at him one day, almost 7 years ago.

Note one thing: if you translate "Larva Mortis" from latin to english, it comes out "Mask of Death".

DeathMask chose to call me with his own name, in latin. I'm honored to carry this name.
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Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: LarvaMortis, at your service.   8th July 2013, 23:32

Welcome on board, man. Nice to have you here (and I think I'm talking for more than one person).

I'm so proud of what you and ThirtyEight think about me and I'm proud of yourselves. Thank you.

{S.o.W}DeathMask, 9 times CWC UT2003, 1 time EMKTC.
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Location : Paris (France)

PostSubject: Re: LarvaMortis, at your service.   11th July 2013, 07:30

Hello LarvaMortis,

welcome abroad !

i saw you playing few times on the server already and i hope to see you playing with us again soon ;=)

enjoy your stay !
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PostSubject: Re: LarvaMortis, at your service.   

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LarvaMortis, at your service.
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