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 ClanBase OpenCups rules

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ClanBase OpenCups rules Empty
PostSubject: ClanBase OpenCups rules   ClanBase OpenCups rules Empty30th September 2013, 05:35

Hi boys and girls. Let me inform you about most important rules at ClanBase OpenCups.

Quote :
Each player must record a 1st-person demo (of each map he/she plays) and keep this demo for 14 days after the match (Please pay special attention to restarting demorec after disconnecting from the server for any reason). There are no valid reasons not to record demos. If you can't demorec for any reason - do not play.
How to do it? While being on server open your ut console and type "demorec nameofdemo" (without ""). Or you can download demomanager from for example here If anyone wants to know more details then feel free to ask.

Quote :
ConfiguredInternetSpeed / Netspeed should be kept to min 2500 max 15000 during the whole match. Changing the netspeed while the map is being played is not allowed and will result in a forfeit loss of the map the violation occurred in.
Open UT then console and type netspeed 15000

Quote :
Server testing begins 30 minutes before the match start, even when a referee is not yet present.
It`s pretty clear. For example when war is arrange at 21:00 CET then we should be available at 20:30.
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ClanBase OpenCups rules
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